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Communication Training: Executive

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Communication Training: Executive
Lektionen: 30 Lessons
Länge: 02:03 hours
Sprache: English


Communication is an almost urgent requirement for being a great leader. In this executive communication course we will show you how to deal with daily challenges of the business world. You will extend your skills to motivate, present and drive your team. Your lecturer Dan O’Connor will teach you, which effect the right words can have.


Furthermore he will learn you specific tactis für maintaining a powerful stance when you are faced with conflict or confrontation. After this course you will be able to: Carry yourself like a confident and powerful professional, Body language and other non-verbal techniques, Presenting ideas, depating or arguing a point, Debate and disagree while boosting your professional image.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Maintain the floor when debating, presenting ideas, or arguing a point
  • Debate, disagree, and even surrender
  • Carry yourself like a confident, powerful professional, and visually present yourself

This course is aimed at:

  • Executives



Chapter 1: Identifying Difficult People at the Worplace (33:30)

   Lesson 1:     Identifying the difficult people at work

   Lesson 2:     Importance of the name

   Lesson 3:     Dealing with snipers

   Lesson 4:     Dealing with exploders

   Lesson 5:     Dealing with back-stabbers

   Lesson 6:     Dealing with time suckers

   Quiz 1:          6 Questions


Chapter 2: Using the Enneagram to identify and stop difficult behavior before it manifests (15:41)

   Lesson 7:     Using the Enneagram to identify difficult behavior

   Lesson 8:     Review: The Ennearam

   Lesson 9:     Power and danger phrases for each type

   Lesson 10:   Implementation

   Quiz 2:          6 Questions


Chapter 3: Power Phrases and Danger Phrases for Difficult and Demanding People (17:53)

   Lesson 11:   Power- and danger phrases for difficult people

   Lesson 12:   Positive responses: e-mails

   Lesson 13:   Common danger phrases: “I don´t know”

   Lesson 14:   Common danger phrases: “I know how you feel”

   Lesson 15:   Three-line verbal patterns

   Lesson 16:   Three-line verbal pattern: A secret

   Quiz 3:          6 Questions


Chapter 4: Appearing to Always Have Just the Right Words (26:03)

   Lesson 17:   Appearing to always have just the right words

   Lesson 18:   The importance of public speaking

   Lesson 19:   The freestyle script

   Lesson 20:   Planned speech - opening

   Lesson 21:   Planned speech - ending

   Quiz 4:          6 Questions


Chapter 5: Using Language Designed to Inspire and Motivate Your Audience (15:58)

   Lesson 22:   Using language for motivating your audience

   Lesson 23:   Hook your audience emotionally

   Lesson 24:   Being more convincing giving a presentation

   Lesson 25:   Combine punctuation and emotion

   Quiz 5:          6 Questions


Chapter 6: Handling Questions, Blackouts, and Other Public-Speaking Emergencies (14:21)

   Lesson 26:   Handling questions, blackouts, emergencies

   Lesson 27:   Handle unexpected questions

   Lesson 28:   Tactics to remember where you were

   Lesson 29:   Tactics to keep audience members engaged

   Lesson 30:   Key messages you want others to remember

   Quiz 6:          6 Questions