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Professional Time Management

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Professional Time Management
Lektionen: 23 Lessons
Länge: 02:41 hours
Sprache: English


Time is precious - Don't waste it! Lecturer Zach Davis shows you how to identify time wasters and remove them. The time management professional not only reveals alternatives to multitasking, but also how to objectively plan your tasks and combine these efficiently.


Learn the better handling of communications equipment. The course provides you 40 practical tips and tricks for more time savings. Become more productive, efficient and stress-free. .

After this course you will know:

  • when you should be achievable and when better not
  • how to optimally manage yourself and your time
  • how to efficiently organize and process the vast amounts of information

This course is aimed at:

  • Anybody who wants to improve his/her existing time management



Chapter 1: Course Preview: Time Management (04:57)

   Lesson 1:     Welcome

   Lesson 2:     Trends and Statememts

   Lesson 3:     Introducing the academic


Chapter 2: Control your reachability (16:20)

   Lesson 4:     Advantage of being reachable

   Lesson 5:     When do you want to be reachable?

   Lesson 6:     Increase productivity - HWMS

   Lesson 7:     Your Door

   Lesson 8:     Routine

   Quiz 1:          3 Questions


Chapter 3: Self- and Time Management I (41:46)

   Lesson 9:     Start with big rocks

   Lesson 10:   First activity in the morning

   Lesson 11:   Advantage of checklists

   Lesson 12:   Use colours to your advantage

   Lesson 13:   Singletasking vs multitasking

   Quiz 2:          7 Questions


Chapter 4: Self- and Time Management II  (37:01)

   Lesson 9:   Good enough

   Lesson 10:   Transparency

   Lesson 11:   Gas-Principle

   Lesson 12:   Procrastination

   Lesson 13:   Frequently telephone appointments

   Quiz 3:          6 Questions


Chapter 5: Save time when dealing with others (29:27)

   Lesson 14:   Introduction and Pre-Information

   Lesson 15:   Challenge: Yes/ No

   Lesson 16:   Committing

   Lesson 17:   Recipients of commitments

   Lesson 18:   Reduce the amount of time

   Lesson 19:   Negative example

   Quiz 4:          5 Questions


Chapter 6: Information flood (32:26)

   Lesson 20:   Increased amount of information

   Lesson 21:   Folders and subfolders

   Lesson 22:   Outbox

   Lesson 23:   Computer Pro

   Quiz 5:          5 Questions