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Speed Reading

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Speed Reading
Lektionen: 27 Lessons
Länge: 3 hours
Sprache: English


This course will empower you to double your reading rate and raise the niveau of comprehension. Zach Davis is a bestselling author and experienced trainer ready to teach you how to increase the efficiency of your reading.


A study involving 1378 subjects showed that their average reading speed increased by 124.5% at a 4% higher comprehension rate when using Zach Davis’ PowerReading technique. Improve your reading skills now and save lots of time!

After this course you will be able to:

  • Fasten your reading
  • Improve comprehension
  • Reproduce content

This course is aimed at:

  • Anybody, who wants to get faster and more efficient in reading



Chapter 1: Course Preview: PowerReading – Speed Reading Techniques (01:48)

   Lesson 1:     Greeting

   Lesson 2:     Introducing the Academic


Chapter 2: PoweReading – Increase your Reading Speed (50:56)

   Lesson 3:     Introduction

   Lesson 4:     I. Measurement

   Lesson 5:     Execise: X-Test

   Lesson 6:     Finding your reading speed!

   Lesson 7:     Exercise: Y-Test

   Quiz 1:          8 Questions


Chapter 3: Fast reading and understanding texts (42:14)

   Lesson 8:     II. Measurement

   Lesson 9:     Analysing the measurement

   Lesson 10:   Exercise: Drill

   Lesson 11:   Finding most important piece of information

   Lesson 12:   The power of questions

   Lesson 13:   Knowledge net

   Lesson 14:   Headline questions

   Quiz 2:          7 Questions


Chapter 4: Text Structure and Visualization (60:32)

   Lesson 15:   Information density

   Lesson 16:   Exercise: Finding recurring patterns

   Lesson 17:   III. Measurement

   Lesson 18:   Exercise: Drill

   Lesson 19:   Example for visualizing patterns

   Lesson 20:   Create images

   Lesson 21:   Exercise: Drill

   Lesson 22:   IV. Measurement

   Quiz 3:          10 Questions


Chapter 5: Reproducing content and reading faster (41:01)

   Lesson 23:   Retaining most important information

   Lesson 24:   Three Step Process to reproduce

   Lesson 25:   Exercise: Memorizing words

   Lesson 26:   V. Measurement

   Lesson 27:   Summary

   Quiz 5:          7 Questions