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Stylistic Devices

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Lektionen: 23 Lessons
Länge: 30 minutes
Sprache: English


In these five videos you will learn how to identify and analyse the 18 most common stylistic devices. The following topics are going to be explained:


Images: symbol – metaphor – comparison


Sound: onomatopoeia – repetition of sound – alliteration


Structure: antithesis – anaphora – ellipsis – parallelism– enumeration


Miscellaneous: exaggeration – understatement – irony – paradox – rhetorical question– euphemism

After this course you will be able to:

  • Identify, analyse and use various stylistic devices in a proper manner


This course is aimed at:

  • Anybody, who wants to get closer to stylistic devices, especially students to prepare for their exams



Chapter 1: Stylistic Devices Basics (06:47)

   Lesson 1:     How to analyze figures of speech

   Lesson 2:     Functions of stylistic devices

   Lesson 3:     Most common stylistic devices

   Quiz 1:          2 Questions


Chapter 2: Sytlistic Devices Images (06:20)

   Lesson 4:     The comparison/ simile and the metaphor

   Lesson 5:     The personification and the symbol

   Quiz 2:          2 Questions


Chapter 3: Stylistic Devices Sound (04:55)

   Lesson 6:     The alliteration and repetition of sound

   Lesson 7:     The onomatopoeia

   Quiz 3:          1 Question


Chapter 4: Stylistic Devices Structure (07:51)

   Lesson 8:     The anaphora, the parallelism and the enumeration

   Lesson 9:     The antithesis and the ellipsis


Chapter 5: Stylistic Devices Miscellaneous (07:22)

   Lesson 10:   The rhetorical questions and the paradox

   Lesson 11:   The exaggeration and the understatement

   Lesson 12:   Things, Thoughts and Alternatives

   Lesson 13:   Irony and the euphemism

   Quiz 5:          1 Question